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Monday, 16 June 2014

'The Complete Series 15' bargain pre-orders at ASDA

ASDA have launched special pre-orders for The Complete Series 15 DVD in the UK.

The collector's edition of the full 2011 season is to arrive in the country in less than three weeks time for July.
ASDA's direct store have in anticipation placed pre-orders of the disc for a bargain price of £4.

Happy Hiro and Henry's Happy Coal meanwhile mark their debuts on UK DVD for the first time.

The summary reads; All 20 episodes from the 15th series of the children's animation following tank engine Thomas and his locomotive pals on Sodor Island.

In this series, the trains compete to become the 'Sodor Search and Rescue Engine' and Thomas and Bertie encounter some trouble on the Shake Shake Bridge.

The Complete Series 15 from Hit Entertainment hits UK DVD shelves on July 7th.

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