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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Best of Thomas on YouTube - Rendered

Just a small update on my Best of Thomas countdown video, it has now been fully rendered and saved, appearing in 720p HD format.

Hopefully everyone will find the results satisfying, although the No.1 spot was a clear winner. Should just mention that rendering it on Vegas took 5 hours although I did have the time to do it.

When the video appears, the blipverts for the No. card in between the episode lsitings might look rushed, if it does, it is due to fitting it in a 10 minute and 59 second slot, as YouTube only allows videos in between 10-10:59 minutes. It originally ran for a little over 12 minutes, so some small edits had to be made in places.

The video is 439MB although because of the waiting, I thought it would be 2 GB's worth!

Remember, a lot to look forward to in the video, if you want to know what things will be in it, look on my previous post a little bit down the page.

Thomas & Friends - The Best of Thomas appears on YouTube on Friday 4th June 2010

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