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Friday, 14 May 2010

Screenvision adds Misty Island Rescue

Screenvision who currently presents the feature-length specials of Thomas in the United States have now added the latest special, Misty Island Rescue.
They have added a synopsis of the special:
A new Search and Rescue Centre is being built on the Island of Sodor. Special deep red 'Jobi Logs', found far away on Hiro's Island, are being used to make the centre. All the engines are very excited and all want to help deliver the Jobi logs to the Rescue Centre. Diesel, convinced that he is better than the 'steamies', decides to take the Jobi logs to the rescue centre himself and races down the tracks with the Jobi logs. Thomas sees that Diesel is going too fast and chases after him. The chase results in an exciting rescue as Thomas saves Diesel from falling over a cliff edge but the Jobi logs crash into the sea below - now there is no wood to build the Rescue Centre.
As a reward for his daring rescue Thomas gets to visit the mainland. Thomas waves goodbye to his friends at Brendham Docks and heads across the sea to the mainland. That night Thomas becomes separated from the ship and ends up alone and stranded on the mysterious Misty Island - a wild and wonderful island with a multitude of secret hide outs, rickety tracks and bridges. Thomas soon meets the islands' inhabitants - 3 funny logging locos called Bash, Dash and Ferdinand.

The synopsis now confirms Brendam Docks' involvement in the special which will be featured in a scene when Thomas is on his way to collect the Jobi Wood.

Misty Island Rescue hits US theatres beginning July 3rd 2010.

1 comment:

  1. i hope a trailer will be released soon as well TopHatt, im hoping it will be as successful as TGD and HOTR