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Friday, 7 May 2010

Season 1-11 Boxset - All reissued

The previous news that I brought to you that the first eleven series apart from Seasons 3-4 were reissued by the bbfc for the upcoming boxset, well they have now done so on 3 & 4, meaning that all of the first eleven series are classified and are now awaiting a DVD release.

Both series have had title card's included along with new menus and the 65 years promo which will also affect all the other series included in the boxset.

My previous speculation led me to believe since Season 1 & 2 were reissued that the early series from 1-3 might be in their restored/remastered state. I think it now seems likely because the new title card's, menus and the new DVD covers might affect the boxset's DVD's.

Season 10 recieved a new cover which could possibly have the other series' covers revamped and I strongly feel that the early series will be remastered due to the fact that the recent The Best of Thomas UK DVD had the early series episodes in their best quality featured as possible.

Only time will tell, in November.....

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