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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Lionsgate promotes more Thomas

In conjunction with the US 2-disc DVD release of Thomas & Friends - The Greatest Stories due June 1st, Lionsgate and Hit Entertainment are promoting Thomas in some upcoming events.

23 of Minor League Baseball teams will have family friendly events including in-stadium advertising which will include coupons for $2 off the DVD which will be distributed at the games.
Six Flags Amusement Parks will open a new Thomas Town at Six Flags America in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area with Thomas-themed birthday parties for children on June 5th including games, activities and photos featuring Thomas, giveaways and park entrance discounts. Also, the DVD's include coupons for one child’s admission ticket to a Six Flags theme park.

The Day Out with Thomas tour also will continue, hitting more than 40 heritage railroad stations around the country, giving children the chance to make birthday cards for Thomas. Coupons distributed at the event offer $2 off the purchase of the Greatest Stories DVD, which also will be distributed at the Day Out With Thomas events.

More than 95 radio stations will promote the DVD, reaching more than 9 million people, according to Lionsgate.

The events are all being made to also celebrate Thomas' 65th anniversary.

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