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Friday, 14 May 2010

Characters confirmed for Misty Island Rescue

The Peep Peep Thomas website has confirmed some of the characters that will appear in the next Thomas & Friends feature-length special, Misty Island Rescue.

Characters that are confirmed to appear include; Thomas, Percy, Emily, Whiff, Diesel, Salty, Rocky, Harold, The Fat Controller, and new friends; Bash and Dash, Captain, Ferdinand and it is also confirmed that Scruff the Scruncher WILL be introduced in the new special.

There is more information on the character of Ferdinand that he runs on wood and oil and is often going to be heard saying, possibly his catchphrase, "That's right!".

Scruff the Scruncher had for a while been speculated as a new character for the fourteenth series of Thomas next year, but it is now confirmed that he is debuting in the new special and will work with Whiff in a new location called, Whiff's Waste Dump, meaning that Whiff is likely to have a sizeable role.

Peep Peep Thomas has also speculated that Cranky and Hiro might appear, although it was already confirmed in another source for a theatre website that Hiro is going to appear.

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