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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Season 1-11 Boxset - 5-7 reissued

You've previously have heard my speculation that Season 1-2 might be restored for the upcoming Season 1-11 DVD Boxset in the UK. The bbfc who posted the re-submission have now listed Seasons 5-7.

Nothing special for picture or audio quality updates, although the three series from 1998-2003 now include the 65 years promo and have 4 pages of episode selection for their DVD Menus which has also happened to the first two series, although Seasons 8 & 9 had 4 pages due to the modern launch of Hit's own series.

The Season 7 for some reason will have 5 pages of episode selection, even though the 26 episode count is the same for the previous two.

All the series will have their own ident cards after the Hit Entertainment opening at the start of the DVD's.

The boxset is awaiting a release in November.
Season Five
Season Six
Season Seven

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