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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Pierce Brosnan pics for The Great Discovery

During the filming and publictity for the 2008 special, The Great Discovery, Pierce Brosnan posed with a large scale model of Thomas in 2 previously unseen promotional pictures.
The large scale Thomas was probably used for the Wharf sets or for the Jack and the Pack spinoff, but I feel that it was probably for studio showing use only.
As you can see Thomas' headlamp is nowhere to be seen, also a CGI effect for Thomas' face is added, still proving the fact that Pierce had originally recorded some lines for the Twelth series until he left, bringing Michael Angelis and Michael Brandon back into the series for more narration duties.

Pierce also posed for another picture with him beside Thomas while sitting down, which was originally found by me over 2 years ago on a Pierce Brosnan fan site, although I edited out the background which was simply a zoomed in countryside background which I thought wasn't neccesary.

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  1. Now that's what I call HUGE.