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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

amazon.co.uk finalises 'Steam Team' and 'Rescue'

amazon.co.uk have published the final versions of the front covers implemented onto two upcoming British DVDs.

The usual classification logos and additional texts appear on the Steam Team Collection and the Rescue on the Rails releases.

Both titles originate from their US counterparts where on the Brits side, the three disc boxset featuring Season Thirteen releases comes out a week before the rescue themed Season Fifteen home video.
The description for Steam Team Collection reads; SPLISH, SPLASH, SPLOSH: Even when it is wet outside you can still have plenty of fun, especially when you share your adventures with Thomas and his friends!
Grab your wellies and join the team as they prepare for rainy-day visits and soapy spills from the Island of Sodor.
THOMAS & THE RUNAWAY KITE: There's a kite on the loose and Thomas needs to catch it before the wind blows it from Sodor!

With Gordon, Charlie and Toby by his side, Thomas learns that a helping hand keeps him right on track when it comes to rescuing kites, saving a swarm of bees, and preventing railway disasters from taking flight.
Hop on board for a high-flying ride with Thomas & Friends in these train adventures! 
CREAKY CRANKY: Thomas and his friends deliver cargo-loads of fun in this collection of uplifting episodes! Ride along as Thomas helps to deliver mail, mend engines, and prepare for the Spring Party on the Island of Sodor.
Watch as Thomas learns that it pays to listen to advice, there s more to a train than its undercoat, and that teamwork is the best way to get things done.
The description for Rescue on the Rails reads; Ready to Rescue! The Sodor Search and Rescue Team is racing to the rescue - Bertie's stuck on Shake Shake Bridge, Gordon's derailed, and Thomas firebox is on fire!

In these exciting episodes, your favourite engines brave the rails to rescue their friends.

Discover that being heroic is more than having speed and strength; it's about teamwork and a big heart which puts every Really Useful Engine on the right track.
Steam Team Collection and Rescue on the Rails hit UK DVD shelves on May 14th and 21st 2012 respectively.


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