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Sunday, 18 March 2012

'Enterprising Engines' named best RWS book title

The twenty third book of The Railway Series has been declared the favourite title in the series by fans.

Written by The Rev. W. Awdry and first published in 1968, Enterprising Engines fought off competition from the other Awdry chapters easily in SiF's Railway Series Book Poll.
The book is often thought to be the most perfectly written and quintessential title in the lineup. The stories included were Tenders for Henry, Super Rescue, Escape and Little Western.

At least two of the above went on to be adapted into TV Series episodes during the Third Series. Tenders for Henry was revised to Tender Engines whilst Escape kept it's name apart from an additional explanation mark.

Thomas the Tank Engine came runner up in the poll, just less than ¾ behind from top place, voting wise. Christopher Awdry's recent Thomas and His Friends work managed 8th place.

1 comment:

  1. Couldn't agree more love this book the best especially super rescue