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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Feature: Recap on Episode Twelve of Season Sixteen

Channel 5 milkshake! and the public witnessed the airing of the twelfth episode of Thomas & Friends' Sixteenth Series.

After not having a story to himself since Season Seven's Salty's Stormy Tale, Salty returned to the forefront in Salty's Surprise.
Sharon Miller's script focused on Edward's journey to go and find a present for Salty after the eponymous Diesel Engine notes that he doesn't have time for any Christmas surprises.

Heard vocally were the duo, Victor, Kevin, Thomas and The Fat Controller. Sighted were Cranky, Stanley, Rosie, Gordon, Emily and Percy.

Although James, Toby, Henry, Rocky, Annie and Clarabel appeared in the opening, they were all reperesented via stock footage.
The episode ranked with mediocre reviews primarily mentioning the three strike formulaic structure taking centre stage, albeit, slowing down the flow of time duration. 

It came under more criticism of not being a creative and constructive story, leading to some fans calling it a remake of The Biggest Present of All. Thomas' appearance again, annoyed several over his forced in minimal role.
Even so, it managed to achieve some good responses, especially the removal of the Winter holidays being replaced with, Christmas holidays. Though holidays staying in, it took positives, sometime after the public furore.

Salty was praised to have been given the leading role but also staying in character and having his kind interactions with Edward.

Despite Edward's supporting role was felt to be in the wrong episode, his character remained and managed consistency throughout. The Fat Controller's Father Christmas outfit at the end provided laughs.
Some continuity made its way into the show such as Thomas' bubble funnel from Slippy Sodor making a comeback aswell as Salty's tell tales even though fake, were agreed to be reminiscent of No Sleep for Cranky.

TheTopHatts gives Salty's Surprise...

Season Sixteen of Thomas & Friends will return for one more day in Australia on ABC2 during Christmas 2012 with the episode, The Christmas Express.
Channel 5 in the UK airs the next episode on their milkshake! slot on Wednesday March 7th 2012 at 7:35am with Sodor Surprise Day. The Christmas Express will also air in Britain in Christmas 2012.

For a full list of the scheduling, visit the Dieselworks Turntable Roundhouse on the right hand sidebar for more details.
Thanks to Thomas & Friends Wikia for information and images.

What did you think of this episode? Send your reaction in the comments section just under this post for your verdict.


  1. I pretty much agree with everything there. I loved Salty's stories and Keith Wickham does a wonderful job voicing Salty. I'm glad he's finally got a lead role after all these years.

    The Christmas Holidays thing annoyed me a bit though. Why not just say "Christmas" is the holiday bit really required?

    I would give this a 4.5/10. I think this episode would become boring fast.

  2. Nice episode I liked how Christmas was mentioned and how Salty got a main role for first time since Salty's Stormy tale series 7 and the repetition wasn't bad as I love Salty's different stories and they weren't repetition and nice Kevin speaks for first time this series. Also loved seeing Green Salty Which I wonder is that based on 2003 magazine spot the difference? It was a still of Salty and Emily from Salty's stormy tale and he was painted green in picture 2 and I get point he camouflaged. And nice reference to Slippy Sodor with Funnel but why would Salty have blue one when he a Diesel? Edward was right first time.
    93DOL Youtube.

  3. It's nice seeing Salty having a lead episode for a while and also to Edward as well. I'm pleased that they have put the word 'Christmas' in the episode and got rid of the 'Winter Holiday' nonsense, but it bugs me a little bit that they're saying 'Happy Christmas Holiday' and not 'Merry Christmas' or 'Christmas' alone, but maybe that would improve later on in the series.

    It was interesting seeing Salty being green and it was great seeing the Fat Controller in his Santa suit. However I don't like how Edward was bringing the tree to Salty in his cab. Sorry being nitpicky here, but wouldn't that burn the tree? A flatbed should at least been involved. But this episode does have its flaws, but it was an OK one for me.