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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rosie and new sets build up MEGA BLOKS placement

The official MEGA BLOKS online store over in the US have added on more Thomas products to their line.

Now with Den and Dart released in block forms whilst being given more appearances in recent series, Rosie has been produced to follow.
Rosie's face is seen to closely resemble her Animation presence while she comes available in five buildable pieces.

Related to the TV Series' Seventh Season episode of the same name, Toby's Windmill set includes the incumbent tram engine with 27 add ons to create the windmill set, open or closed. 
Thomas and a Troublesome Truck star in a Deluxe Starter Set introducing fans to the toy franchise. 70 blocks join up to form a track layout that involves destinations such as the Suspension Bridge and the Coal Hopper.

Lastly Thomas and Wagon and Percy and Wagon serve as beginners sets where the two friends each have different loads that can double up as one or two of Sodor's locations.

The five products from MEGA BLOKS hit toy shelves worldwide soon.


Thanks to GeebMachine for the alert.

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