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Friday, 2 March 2012

Take-n-Play to create 'Blue Mountain Mystery' products

Fisher Price's Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play toy line is to make a reprieve from a break of product making.

The company will be set to produce a new series of characters and sets in coincident with the 2012 Blue Mountain Mystery film, due to premiere in Britain and America from September.
The news was divulged by online and dedicated retailer, Peep Peep Thomas, who mention the update in most of their product pages descriptions for this year's releases.

There will be more Take-N-Play characters released this year for the forthcoming Thomas 2012 Film - Blue Mountain Mystery (possibly Luke, Bertram & Winston).

Luke, Winston and Bertram's apparent possible involvements are however not confirmed to be made into the die-cast model types as of yet.

The Thomas Take-n-Play toy series returns worldwide, linking with the Blue Mountain Mystery later this year.

Thanks to Bass Tbone for the alert.


  1. BERTRAM!? Wow, could he be coming back?!

    1. ...no... He's only being remade for the money

    2. darn...but i'm not surprisred...

  2. Flase Alarm TopHatts
    I know for sure, most of that comes from the TTTE Wikia. :/