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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Steam and Diesel for 'Blue Mountain' TrackMaster

Online store, Peep Peep Thomas have revealed that two engines due to star in the Blue Mountain Mystery film will be carried on over to TrackMaster tie-ins.

Seen on their TrackMaster 2012 Releases page, the retailer mentions the inclusions of Luke the Green Engine and Paxton the Young Diesel to the year's lineup.
Expect more new releases such as Luke, Paxton from the 2012 Thomas Film Blue Mountain Mystery due out later this year.

Both are to take on sizeable amounts of screen time in the Narrow Gauge centred feature-length special.

Luke and Paxton from Fisher Price's TrackMaster hit toy shelves worldwide later this year.

Thanks to Bass Tbone for the alert.


  1. That Is very cool

  2. Glad Paxton's getting a release :) Fingers crossed for Norm and Sid ;)