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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

'Up, Up & Away!' wins Morrisons' family chart vote

The new Season Fifteen premiere UK DVD release of Up, Up & Away! has entered two online charts.

One of which is supermarket retailer Morrisons who have surprisingly placed the disc as the bestselling Family DVD, only in its first week.
It has beaten off competition from nineteen other titles in the Top 20 chart including Hit Entertainment's other show, Mike the Knight who is runner up.

Sainsbury's however tells a different story due to the non family side of their chart, where the four part feature has entered 31st place.

Up, Up & Away! is available to purchase from UK DVD shelves.


  1. Not sure a DVD like that deserves the top spot, but thats my openion...

    1. its got nothing to do with episode quality, its about universal appeal, evidently hit is great at marketing

  2. I'm not sure where to post this, but regarding the latest poll, can you remove Season 15? I don't think the fans are understanding what you are asking, because overrated means being praised highly. Season 15 is widely considered the worst season by the fanbase, so how can it be overrated? Season 15 is underrated, not overrated, and it bugs me that so many people don't understand what the words mean.

    1. I think I may know why man, he probably listed all the series to find out about the overration. It is all the series' runs apart from maybe S16 because maybe its too recent to vote on.

      I do know that some people liked certain episodes from 15, some hate the 8th season and the 13th. I feel people are not being hard enough at judging eps, maybe thats why.