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Monday, 26 March 2012

'My First Thomas' DVD series makes debut on iTunes

Australasia's My First Thomas DVD Series has entered the Australian iTunes Store for the first time.

The eight part series charts some of the many tales involving a significant character or two. The description for the My First Thomas with The Twin Engines tells of the franchise more.

The My First Thomas series is designed to be an introduction for new fans who are just embarking on their journey into the wonderful world of Thomas & Friends.
Each collection focuses on key characters from the series and allows the fledgling Thomas fan to get familiar with Thomas, the Island of Sodor and all the fun adventures the friends have every day.

My First Thomas with The Twin Engines is the first release for iTunes and stars Bill and Ben teamed with Donald and Douglas in selected television stories.

Episodes include;
Break Van
The Deputation
The Diseasel
Donald's Duck
One Good Turn
Buffer Bother
A Bad Day at Castle Loch
The beginning six are featured in their remastered forms whilst the last two are presented in widescreen ratios.

My First Thomas with The Twin Engines is now available to purchase on iTunes Australia for $10.99 altogether. Episode can be bought individually for $1.49.

Thanks to NWR1991 for the alert.


  1. I like that!
    The pairs of twins of season 2 (and in my opinion, the best two pairs of twins from the show) together on one DVD!

  2. Can I inform you of the recent change to talking thomas toys. The packaging has been changed to a CGI design and the toys themselves have been redesigned to suit the CGI series. So far Toby, Flynn and Thomas have been released

    1. He has already done that, since November, there is Google to help...

      Back to the iTunes subject methinks.

  3. What a great set! It's nice to see that Mattel/HiT are releasing these sorts of DVDs on iTunes.

  4. Brillian this could be a way for them to be re-introduced in the main show. As they are introducing new fans to thees largly under used characters. Here is hopeing Hit have seen sense and they all return soon lol