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Friday, 2 March 2012

Preview clippings await for the 'Blue Mountain Mystery'

The Official minisite for the Blue Mountain Mystery special will soon contain clips from the film to be shown online.

Fans found the clips in hidden areas that were due to be unveiled on the site but have since been pulled by Hit Entertainment. They will reveal previews of the 2012 hour-long story at varying points in the build up to it's release.

Without spoiling much of the plot, the first set present brief glimpses of the new characters starting with Luke, as voiced by Michael Legge, who talks about a potential friendship with a notable engine.
Winston's version sees him travelling through the countryside bend. Winston who is voiced by Matt Wilkinson however is not the sort of car that perception may have decieved.

The third snippet involves Merrick the Quarry Crane, again with the vocal cords of Wilkinson. Greeting Ben Small's Rheneas and Steven Kynman's Peter Sam, different types of slate trucks are seen.

Following the above is Owen the Incline Traction Engine helping Rusty and Paxton with their loads. The aforementioned Diesel Engine's voice provided by Kynman can be heard for the first time.
Moving on is the Official Trailer to the British and American versions of the Blue Mountain Mystery.

It unwraps exciting glimpses of the Narrow Gauge Engines working in the Blue Mountain Quarry, the appearance of Luke and the helpings of Merrick and Owen.

A set of action scenes are compiled as are the hearings of Keith Wickham, Ben Small, Matt Wilkinson and Michael Legge voicing Skarloey, Rheneas, Rusty and Luke respectively. Wickham narrates the trail.
Taking up roles and cameos are Sodor's Thomas, Rocky, Paxton, Henry, Emily, Cranky, James, Percy and expectingly, the rest of The Steam Team. Paxton the Young Diesel is even seen on the Blue Moutain Quarry.

Also starring are the locations of Sodor's Bluff's Cove Junction, Tidmouth Sheds, the line to the Vicarstown Dieselworks, the Coal Hopper and Brendam Docks.
Lastly is a brand new song devoted to the adventure called Blue Mountain Quarry and is performed by Sam Blewitt in his fifth Thomas tune. The track calls for a techno pop type of instrumental.

The music video slows down the visual pace to make way for Nitrogen Studios' breathtaking animation also complying with vast angles and camera pans.

Blue Mountain Mystery premieres in UK and US theatres and on DVD/Blu Ray from September 2012.


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