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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Extensive range of upcoming merchandise found

Various new toys of Thomas & Friends have been found and due to be released for the Take-n-Play, Trackmaster, Wooden Railway Early Engineers and Lionel ranges.

The Wooden Railway Early Engineers range will release Victor and Hiro, following on from the likes of Percy, Rosie and others.
Lionel who produce O Scale models of Thomas are to make a Troublesome Trucks Christmas Two Pack ready for the Christmas season which includes two Troublesome Trucks models stacked with presents and gifts.

Meanwhile for Take-n-Play, Fisher Price will make a new pack with Scruff available called Scruff's Dirty Job which includes a Take-n-Play model of Scruff the Scruncher and a small squat truck full of rubbish.
Finally, Trackmaster have three sets due with the first being Thomas' Chocolate Delivery featuring Thomas, a mild chocolate covered truck with Special Delivery engraved, Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory and track pieces.

Another set involving Thomas is Thomas' Big Haul which includes the little blue engine and four trucks each with a load; Milk tankers, logs, barrels and a crate.
The last stars Toby with a Clown Van pulling it until the tram engine hits a bump forcing a Clown Car to emerge from his load in Toby and the Clown Car.

The upcoming Thomas & Friends toys will be released later this year in shops worldwide.

Thanks to MURPHYPRODUCTIONS828 and TMRReturns for the alerts.

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