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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thomas & Friends haul another Guinness on the track

Thomas & Friends have become record holders once again, this time in Japan's Fuji-Q Highland theme park.

The record is the longest toy train track which was previously done by the same brand in Brisbane, Australia last year and at Drayton Manor's Thomas Land in August 2008, UK.

Australia were the last record holders where the track was 207 metres long. This time, Japan has beaten it, clocking up a massive 2,221 and half metres long.
SVP of Hit Entertainment's Thomas & Friends in the Asian Pacific, Antonio Haub celebrated the achievement.

After previously holding the title in 2006, everyone on the Thomas team in Japan is delighted to have reclaimed the world record.

Thomas is hugely popular in Japan and the finished record breaking track makes a great additional attraction to Fuji-Q Highland in Japan.

The set is currently on display at Japan's Thomas Land until September 4th 2011.

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