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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

2012 Story Library books revealed

amazon.co.uk have revealed the next five Thomas Story Library books that are coming soon in early 2012.

The five books are now focused on the episodic format rather than the character basis, although two include a new character each while all have extended book titles.

The Tall Friend (Based on Thomas' Tall Friend)
Thomas' tallest passenger ever is causing him lots of problems. Will Thomas get to the new safari park on time?

Busy Engines (Based on Thomas in Charge)
When The Fat Controller tells Thomas he has to be a busy engine for the day, Thomas tries too hard and things start to go wrong. 

Thomas' Crazy Day
When Thomas tries to be really useful and really fun at the same time, he finds that it's difficult to do two things at once. 

Belle's New Friend (Based on Big Belle)
Belle, the new engine, is determined to have lots of fun - but not everyone is able to join in. 
Fire Engine Flynn (Based on Fiery Flynn)
Flynn is in such a rush to save the day that he doesn't wait to hear where the fire is. Will he be able to save Thomas from the fire in time? 

The next five Thomas Story Library books hit UK book shelves all on January 3rd 2012.


Thanks to SteamTeam for the alert.

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