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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Exclusive: The Railway Series to be continued...?

The success of the current Railway Series book, Thomas and His Friends, has been questioned by fans of the books.

Feverish speculation as led to theories if the series would return after the sell outs made from the new 42nd book.

In an email sent to publishers Egmont asking if more titles from the Awdry written library were due, a brief response was given.
Marketing Manager of Egmont Publishing, Linda Beavis refused to confirm of an ending to the books but added that it may not be the last of new material from Christopher Awdry.

The most recent title was commissioned to mark the centenary of The Rev. Awdry’s birth this year.

We have no plans at present to commission a 43rd title in the series. We may consider this in the future, but it is not a part of our publishing plan for 2012.

Thanks to orangepastille.

The Railway Series
To be continued...?


  1. Personally, I hope there is another book but I've got a feeling there won't be. I don't know why, its just a feeling and I hope I'm wrong...

  2. I think it is because of that "The End" quote on the last page that made us assume that it was the last one. But as Egmont have said that it might continue, I hope that you are wrong SteamTeam and that a 43rd book will suddenly be planned.

    Anyway, SIF have got that interview with Christopher Awdry himself! So I think that will give us the final answer!

    Until next time...