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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Glimpses of new merchandise revealed for Christmas

KidsCoolit.com have posted two videos of new Thomas & Friends merchandise due to be released for the Christmas season.

Recorded at an unknown event, the first video shows the new Follow Me Thomas where by using a remote control with a built in laser, Thomas will follow the laser's every move.

Meanwhile in the second video, accompaining the release of Day of the Diesels, various new stocks of merchandise are seen.
There is a MEGA BLOKS set featuring James and Flynn, although due to the nature of the camera's movement and quality, it can only be seen very briefly.

This also goes for another set with Diesel combined with an unknown location, a Thomas bedtime torch and scooter.

Elsewhere is a Steamies Vs. Diesels shirt with James, Thomas and Percy representing the Steam Engines and Den, Diesel 10 and Dart, the Diesel Engines.
A new puzzle game can also be seen that has an extensive cast of characters, a puzzle set as a four in one and a small Tidmouth Sheds with models of Thomas, the Fat Controller, his car, a coal truck and Harold.

Sightings of previously announced items such as the Day of the Diesels DVD/Blu-Ray, Wooden Railway models, Take-n-Play's and others are included in the video.

The new Day of the Diesels merchandise will be available in shops worldwide from this Christmas.

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