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Monday, 25 July 2011

Learning Curve releases guides to sets on YouTube

Learning Curve's Official YouTube Channel have released five videos publicising their upcoming Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway sets.

Three of them have been based on some of the episodes from the CGI Series while two are original ideas.

Rumble and Race Mountain Set and Dieselworks Set with Percy have had their names inspired from the episodes Snow Tracks and Day of the Diesels.
The preview of the Dieselworks Set shows glimpses of the faceless Happy Hook the Crane, who is included with the product.

Toby's Whistling Woods Set is based on Season Fourteen's Toby and the Whistling Woods. The episode is mistakenly referred to being called Toby's Whistling Woods.
The two original's, Up and Around Sodor 5 in 1 Set and Crane and Cargo Figure 8 Set also feature.

The five Wooden Railway sets will be released later this year in shops worldwide.


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