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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Covers revealed for 'DOTD' tie-in books

amazon.co.uk have published the covers for the upcoming Day of the Diesels tie-in books for the UK.

The books which were revealed nearly 2 months ago by the online retailer will both be based on the story while one will center on the characters involved.
The above mentioned is the Sticker Activity Book which will feature characters such as Belle, Diesel, Arry and others as playable stickers and is 28 pages long.
The other but main one is The Movie Storybook that will give the chance for fans to see the special in readable form with images from the story itself and is 32 pages long.

The Day of the Diesels Movie and Activity books will both hit UK book shelves on September 6th 2011.


Thanks to StanleySpencerSilverZ for the alert.

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