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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

First Look: Thomas Land's 'Blue Mountain Engines'

G-Force Magazine and Drayton Manor's facebook page have released the first images of Thomas Land's new ride which is still under construction.

The images altogether show all the participating Narrow Gauge Engines to feature in the new ride, Skarloey, Sir Handel, Peter Sam and Rheneas.

G-Force confirms that The Thin Controller will be part of the ride by promoting it around the park as revealed in a photo on their article.
Terence's Driving School has been replaced by the new ride but will however stay at Drayton Manor's park as it has been confirmed to relocate near Farmer McColl's Farm.

It is currently not known when the ride will still be ready but shall be announced by the Thomas Land UK facebook page soon.

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Thanks to SI3DFilms for the alert.

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