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Monday, 26 December 2011

'Day of the Diesels' and others hang steady in charts

Day of the Diesels on UK DVD is selling very well in Britain as proved in three online retailer website's charts alongside the Christmas Express aswell.

The 2011 special's home video disc is placed 6th on amazon.co.uk's Bestsellers in Children's TV page, narrowly being beaten by The Muppets Show and the BBC's Doctor Who and Merlin.
Even the preceding movie Misty Island Rescue is wanted on people's wish lists as it holds the 27th spot. milkshake! Gold which contains The Lion of Sodor episode recieves the 58th title.

Sainsbury's Entertainment meanwhile has moved the Diesel powered film from 5th to 54th on their listings. The appropriately titled Christmas Express DVD elsewhere is on 6th in Tesco Entertainment's DVD Family Chart.

The above compilation disc beats the 7th winner Day of the Diesels which once claimed the top winners title in late September.

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