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Friday, 16 December 2011

Flynn, Thomas and Dash return in special TrackMaster's

Three of Sodor's engines will star in brand new sets and packs for Fisher Price's TrackMaster toy line series.

Fiery Flynn the Fire Engine is the next character to have the ability to spout out phrases with Talking Flynn after the likes of Hiro, Salty and Henry.

For the Christmas season, Thomas has a delivery to make for a perfect party in Thomas' Holiday Haul. He comes with a truck, a hopper and two vans containing items and decorated with seasonal designs.
See Inside Ice Cream Trucks gives the fan a chance to take a glimpse inside two vans carrying various ice cream packages. They are stored in the tool vans with minature icicles and freezers accompained. 

Lastly a new playset involves the little blue engine with a Logging Loco taking deliveries of logs round tracks with Thomas and Dash Adventure.

Also coming as previously found out is the Spaghetti and Meatballs Delivery three pack which can now be seen in it's full glory.

The new TrackMaster sets are available now in stores worldwide.

Thanks to tomtomica2 for the alert.

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