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Friday, 16 December 2011

Six 'Blue Mountain' books unveiled by Random House

The upcoming Blue Mountain Mystery special for 2012 has been at the centre of very recent discoveries with the next being tie-in books from Random House.

The above publisher has revealed the titles and also the covers to six of the new books which currently depicts the fully confirmed returns of Skarloey and Rheneas.
They are joined alongside newcomers Luke the Green Engine and Merrick the Crane. Thomas appears to have a role in the film.

Two versions of the special's book will be available under the same name as the special with one coming in at 24 pages and the other at 48 pages long.
A Step Into Reading title brings Luke to the forefront in Secret of the Green Engine followed by a Hide-and-Seek Engines colouring book.

Risky Rails! shows apparant action taking place in the Paperback while another activity title called Thomas' Giant Puzzle Book will also be available.

The six Blue Mountain Mystery books hits US book shelves all on August 7th 2012 with the film coming to theatres and on DVD in the same fall year.



  1. This special looks like the best yet! Glad the Narrow Gauge Engines will be in it!

  2. If it's like the other specials, I'll enjoy this special, but it will have dozens of flaws that simierski won't like.
    I wonder who that hopper is?

  3. @BramGroatFilms I think that its Owen. I know he was said to be a crane, but that may have been changed. On the front of the puzzles book, his name can be seen in the wordsearch ;)

  4. CharlieTheFunEngine1417 December 2011 at 04:44

    I figure that the BMQ sign next to Thomas on the cover showing Skarloey and Rheneas stands for Blue Mountain Quarry, where I think Merrick and Luke will be stationed.

    @ SteamTeam - "On the front of the puzzles book Owen's name can be seen in the wordsearch". Very observant of you, thanks.

  5. @CharlieTheFunEngine14, Thanks, but I actually think it was Thomasfan on the Wikia that noticed it before me! :) And, yes, I think everyone's assuming the BMQ stands for "Blue Mountain Quarry". After all, what else could it stand for? :)

  6. CharlieTheFunEngine1418 December 2011 at 03:08

    @ SteamTeam - I don't know, Blue Mountain Quag maybe? (Quag: marshy or boggy spot)

  7. @CharlieTheFunEngine14 I think Quarry is more likely considering that they are actually in a quarry lol :P

  8. I reckon Owen is the character on the right on Thomas' Giant Puzzle Book, glad the narrow gauge engines are coming back and hopefully Bertram as he is coming out in wooden next year as a tank engine? This is probably because according to Britt Allcroft, Bertram was supposed to be a tank engine, but financial difficulty in building a new model made them repaint Duke's model with Smudger's face.

  9. @Anonymous, I think you're probably right :)