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Friday, 2 December 2011

Ehattons details on Hornby Murdoch model with shots

Ehattons.com have published five new photos showing Hornby's model of Murdoch the Strong Goods Engine in great detail.

Murdoch's model from the hobby and model trains company comes to near close detail reflecting on his original TV Series look.
He comes complete particularly with his smiley face, his big tender and one of his longest features be it his ten drive wheels.

Hornby's Murdoch is now available to buy in UK model hobby shops and stores nationwide.


  1. Hornby and Bachmann have both succesfully released all their engines! :)

  2. @Bram True, but Hornby still have the new breakdown crane and buildings to go, while Bachmann still haven't released the windmill

  3. This makes me wonder who will be released for both Hornby and Bachmann in the coming months!