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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Feature: Follow TheTopHatts on Twitter

With a lack of updates in the Thomas world, I felt the time was right to promote myself on Twitter. Yes you heard me, TheTopHatts IS on Twitter.

I have been on the social networking site for over two months under a different pseudonym comparison to my name but ultimately wanted you people that know me to see what I do.
You can hear from me some of the latest Thomas updates which shall be carried onto my Twitter and see me become a critic of showbizness, TV, movies, the media and the real life, which does interest me.

Also witness what I go through in the outside life and get to know me more. Alternatively, you can find my page @TheRollAlongMan's Twitter on the blog's right hand sidebar above the Variety Station's section.

So drop me a Tweet or Retweet or Follow or whatever you can think you can be able to do with the live feeding website and above all, enjoy what I type, like this post!

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