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Friday, 23 December 2011

'Thomas in Charge!' becomes finalised for UK DVD

The Thomas in Charge! DVD arriving for England has been completely finalised for it's release in late January 2012.

Play.com have published it's full description and both it's front and back cover's on their page for the mixed season release.

The front cover has been given the UK treatment of the additional text and usual classification logos.
Meanwhile the back cover includes a promotional shot of Thomas and Mavis at the Quarry.

The description reads; Thomas is back in these exciting engine-packed adventures! Thomas and his friends are preparing for the Railway Inspector's visit to Knapford Station.

But when the coal trucks crash covering Gordon in soot, can Thomas take charge and help straighten out the mess? Find out as Thomas charges full steam ahead into fun!
Episodes include;
Thomas in Charge
Henry's Good Deeds
O the Indignity
A Blooming Mess

Extras include;
Watch with Mr. Perkins
Down at the Station: Coal
Puzzle: Guess Who?

The DVD runs at a total of 54 minutes approximately with the main feature attributing to 40 minutes worth.

Thomas in Charge! hits UK DVD shelves on January 23rd 2012.

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