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Thursday, 22 December 2011

'All Star Tracks' turns into 'Day of the Diesels and More'

An alternate version of the All Star Tracks CD release is available in the UK under a new name and design.

Retitled Day of the Diesels and More!, the seventeen listed tracks originally on it's All Star Tracks compilation have been set in a slightly different order. It has been produced by Demon MUSIC Group.

More differences made have include the removal of the Night and Day song produced for the Ninth Series, being replaced in a surprising move by Emily, which has made it's reprieve from it's past touted cancellation.
Furthermore, an extra song has been included in the form of All You Need which now completes the CD's lineup for the Animation era tracks from post 2009 not to be sung by children.

Thomas You're the Leader! however has still been left out from the collection. The cover is an alternate version of the Day of the Diesels poster and artwork with Thomas replacing Diesel 10.

Day of the Diesels and More! is available to buy on amazon.co.uk as an mp3 album for £7.49 and on iTunes for £7.99.



  1. Damn! I pre-ordered All Star Tracks and got it today! Wish I'd have hung on and got this one. I'll wait and buy this one when it goes down in price :L

  2. Day of the Diesels and More will now become a CD release aswell as currently a MP3 Download...


    Same tracks remain, TYTL remains absent....