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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Skarloey's role in 'Blue Mountain Mystery' detailed

Fisher Price have made an alteration with it's Meet the Characters on their Thomas & Friends website.

Going through their selection of Take-n-Play models featured, Skarloey's profile has been updated where his role in the new and upcoming Blue Mountain Mystery film is revealed.
Skarloey is the oldest engine on the Narrow Gauge Railway and has his own branchline - the Skarloey Railway. He is kind and wise.

The following description quoted confirms a new location due to feature in the 2012 feature-length special which has been predicted by some fans.

He watches over all engines at the Blue Mountain Quarry making sure they are all being Really Useful.

Blue Mountain Mystery is expected to appear in selected theatre screenings in the UK and US and also on DVD and Blu Ray.

Thanks to Rusty5 for the alert.


  1. I'm more than happy they got the "Old, Kind and Wise" part down. But the Skarloey Railway isn't a Branchline... It's a Railway..

  2. ...why do I get a very unfortunate feeling about that last statement?

  3. Why is this even so bad for people? Everybody is complaining over something so trivial.

  4. Aw, Well, looks like Good O'l Faithful is going through another personality transition. From an old, kind, wise, overworked engine (Series 4) to a young coward rec-lass one (Series 7-12) To an old Kind, wise, quarry engine. This sounds like the work of Andrew Brenner! If Skarloey is going through a change Toby should too...

  5. CharlieTheFunEngine1422 December 2011 at 23:58

    @ Anonymous - "But the Skarloey Railway isn't a branchline, it's a railway." This is only a description from a toy manufacturer, not necessarily what will be the case in BMM.

    @ Anonymous - "If Skarloey is going through a change, Toby should too." Aye, and Edward, and Sir Handel!

  6. You do have a point there. :) heck, why not every character!

  7. So it seems Skarloey is getting his old personality back.
    However, I notice that the site says Skarloey and Duke are the oldest narrow gauge engines; they contradict themselves!

  8. I think that skarloey is a old wise engine.

  9. will duke be in Blue mountain mystery?