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Friday, 16 December 2011

'Engine Activities' arrives for download on iTunes

Callaway Digital Arts Inc. and Hit Entertainment's long promised app for iTunes users as finally arrived.

Named as Engine Activities, the brand new app allows fans to try out basic games such as puzzles, painting and matching cards.

The small games come similarly in design from Callaway's previous works of Hero of the Rails, Misty Island Rescue and Day of the Diesels.
The alternate side however brings the games each to have inspirational elements from two Season Thirteen and two Season Fourteen DVD releases.

The ones used are Pop Goes Thomas, Creaky Cranky, Wobbly Wheels & Whistles and The Lion of Sodor. The latter two must be purchased before downloading takes place.

A bonus tool included is a card collection where images of engines, people and objects are placed onto cards for viewing pleasure. Keith Wickham returns for narration on his thirteenth Thomas app.
The decription reads; Tap into the fun of Thomas & Friends with this all-new interactive activity app!

Little engineers will be entertained for hours as they play with come-alive puzzles, creativity-boosting colouring pages, and brain-building matching games.
Extend the play even further by purchasing additional packs with puzzles, colouring pages, and collectible match cards. With so much to do, Thomas & Friends: Engine Activities guarantees an endless supply of fun and adventure!

Engine Activities is now available to buy in Apple's App Store on iTunes at the price of £1.49 and $1.99 for the UK and US respectively.


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