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Monday, 5 December 2011

New line of 'Guess Who?' puzzles created

The Official Thomas & Friends Website in both the United Kingdom and the United States have published more Guess Who? puzzle segments.

Four new clips of them are now exclusively available where for the first time, three of them involve duos.

These include finished puzzles revealing Thomas and Rocky, Thomas and Percy and Thomas and James.
The screenshots eventually shown are from the Thirteenth Season episodes Snow Tracks, The Biggest Present of All and Thomas and the Pigs.

The fourth brings the inclusion of Scruff the Scruncher with his screener coming from his debut episode, Thomas and Scruff.
For the quartet, no whistles and sounds are heard at the end of each of the interstitials. Ben Small as Thomas and Michael Brandon both return to narrate.

Also, originally first shown on YouTube's Official Thomas & Friends Channel, the Dash and The Fat Controller Guess Who?'s are also included in the Videos page.

Belle's and Flynn's, which were both added onto the Day of the Diesels UK and Australian DVD and Blu Ray's follow as well.


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