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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Amazon teases 'Blue Mountain Mystery' plot points

amazon.com have written up brief descriptions of the two main Blue Mountain Mystery storybooks.

The short 24 page and long 48 page titles' profiles show small hints to the storyline attributing to the Autumn 2012 special.

The Little Golden Book's preview also reveals of the movie's Blu Ray release existence.
Thomas is racing to solve the Blue Mountain Mystery in this Little Golden Book retelling of the new Thomas & Friends direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray movie.

The Big Golden Book version however teases more towards the hour long film's plot.

In the new Thomas & Friends direct-to-DVD movie, Blue Mountain Mystery, a little engine fears he's caused a terrible accident and Thomas attempts to track down the truth.

The Blue Mountain Mystery books hit UK and US book shelves on August 7th 2012.


Thanks to Chris for the alert.


  1. ...so it'll basically be a cross between Thomas and Sherlock. Lovely(!)

  2. Thomas Holmes! :P Sounds interesting...kinda typical Miller though.

  3. Odds are the terrible accident won't be so terrible; certainly no fatalities.
    It would be nice if there weren't any, but it also would be nice if the accident truly was terrible, like the tower accident in The Great Discovery.

  4. Well we might just have to wait and see when the trailer is out. Besides the plot sound interesting.