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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Classic Series makes return to Japan on two DVD's

The Japanese are being treated to two new DVD's already released and available to buy now.

いたずら大作戦!! and トーマスだけのメダル たのしいソドー島のひとたち both feature six episodes each all from the Classic Series where the term is notably added onto their retrospective front covers.
Episodes included on いたずら大作戦!!;
パーシーのマフラー/A Scarf for Percy
いたずらはだめだよジェームス/No Joke for James
たんすいしゃがほしい/Tender Engines
まんなかのきかんしゃ/Middle Engine
ジェームスとソドーとうのじょおう/James and the Queen of Sodor
ファーガスときそく/Fergus Breaks the Rules

Episodes included on トーマスだけのメダル たのしいソドー島のひとたち;
ボディをみがいて/Passengers and Polish
ゆうびんやとバン/Mind That Bike!
トップハム・ハットきょうのきゅうか/Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday
かわったきてき/Faulty Whistles
ピーター・サムとティールーム/The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop
トーマスだけのメダル/Three Cheers for Thomas

The DVD's both run at 32 minutes approximately with no episodes from the First or Second Series involved on the discs.

いたずら大作戦!! and トーマスだけのメダル たのしいソドー島のひとたち are now available in Japanese stores.

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