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Monday, 16 January 2012

The Train Cellar updates three Wooden Railways

The Train Cellar have revealed two more Wooden Railway items alongside an update on a previously known pack.

Providing some talk on various Thomas forums, Victor Comes to Sodor is leading to further hints into Victor's alleged participation in the Blue Mountain Mystery special.
Peep Peep Thomas had published higher quality images of the Steamworks manager on another product he is involved in.

Based on the Season Fifteen episode, Kevin the Steamie, Bish Bash Bosh is another newbie to the Learning Curve Thomas family with not much currently known on the item.
Lastly, Thomas and George are reunited following their brief reunion in Calling All Engines! with Muddy Thomas and George.

The pack's somehow slightly misleading description reads; All the engines on the construction team must work together to get the job done! This construction 2-pack features classic characters George and Thomas.

The three Wooden Railway products arrive in stores worldwide from January to June 2012.


1 comment:

  1. Seems to me that Victor's number in his flashback form is 1173, his original number. At least they're trying to bring SOME historical accuracy into the new special.