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Monday, 23 January 2012

Model Railways Direct draws out Hornby 2012 dates

Model Railways Direct have been the first to open up on the release dates applied for Hornby's Thomas lineup for 2012.

The online retailer for model trains are reporting that six of the products shall be rolled out by mid June.
These involve the Thomas and the Breakdown Train Set, Spencer's Coach and Brake Coach and the Tank Wagon, Vent Van and Open Wagon Triple Packs.

Also, the returns of the Stepney and Spencer models in their limited 1000 allocations are due to come out at the time of mid May. The product's availablity for pre-ordering shall be updated when their defunction lifts.

Hornby's Thomas & Friends lineup for 2012 appear in UK model and hobby stores starting from May 14th up to June 18th 2012.

Thanks to ThomasPercyandToby2 for the alert.

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