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Thursday, 12 January 2012

'Birthday Express' and 'Best of' finishes classifications

The bbfc in Britain have cleared The Birthday Express, The Best of James and The Best of Percy, all ready for their scheduled releases.

Each of the mixed seasonal episodic discs have previously had all their contents revealed by Play.com and Hit Entertainment respectively.

For The Birthday Express, Mr. Perkins reappears for some more interactive fun inbetween episodes in Mr. Perkins' Talent.
With it's own Title Card, the trailers being featured at the beginning of the DVD include a Thomas Take-n-Play Portable Railway advertisement followed by the Day of the Diesels trail.

Altogether, the frequently delayed title shall run just under an hour at 57 minutes approximately.
No changes have been made to The Best of James and The Best of Percy collections, bar the original title cards starting off the discs when played.

James' version comes at the running time of 162 minutes whilst Percy's clocks in four minutes longer to 166 minutes.

The Birthday Express hits UK DVD shelves on January 16th followed by The Best of James and The Best of Percy both on February 6th 2012.



  1. This could mean one thing, Best of Thomas too gets a redisegned cover as we know, so the episodes may stay as they are for the 2012 rerelease despite these two will contain afew repeated episodes...

  2. I am thinking about getting James and Percy's DVDs, but I'm gonna wait a bit longer to get them as I can't afford them at the moment.