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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hornby announces Thomas products for 2012

Model makers Hornby have announced the range of Thomas & Friends products due to arrive for the new year of 2012.

On their Official Website in the Thomas & Friends section, a total of eight products are shown for unknown release handouts.

Thomas & the Breakdown Train is a new set which comes with the No. 1 blue engine accompained by the recently reworking of the Breakdown Train.
Fans will be delighted to hear that Stepney and Spencer are being reprieved from discontinuation with only 1000 each of their models coming back to stores.

Elsewhere in the press release as seen on Model Railway Express' magazine and website, Spencer's Compostie and Brake Coaches for carrying The Duke and Duchess of Boxford are joining the lineup.
Rolling stock packs shall feature with the Oil, Milk and Sodor Fuel tankers being one, a Sodor Scrap open truck with S.C.Ruffey and a Brakevan for the second whereas two Vent Vans and a Cattle Wagon come third. 

With more new stock for their non-Thomas ranges, no new engines or vehicles will be made currently for the Hit Entertainment brand.
Hornby's 2012 Thomas & Friends series begins it's rollout in UK hobby and model stores later this year.


  1. We would't of got Spencer back without Simerski's clever thinking, and its own coaches will make him stand out very well! :)

    As for the Thomas & the Breakdown Train set, Hornby made a good choice in titling, naming it after a classic well known story..


  2. I don't think Simierski would have had any influence on whether Hornby brought back Spencer personally...

    Hattons have listed expected release dates for most of these, with Spencer due Qtr 1, and Stepney plus rolling stock due in Qtr 2. But if previous target release dates are anything to go by, we may not see them until the year's end...

    Still, I do like the look of the coaches, and I'm sure I'll but another Stepney....

  3. Hornby seems to be overtaking Bachmann again, actually giving Spencer a BRAKE coach, something Bachmannn has failed to do, giving him only the composite coach.

  4. I wish they would make more RWS characters. They did unexpectedly bring back D7101/Bear so why not make more?