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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

'Diesel 10's Counterattack' website opens for Japan

デイ オブ ザ ディーゼル also known as Diesel 10's Counterattack has had it's website open in Japan.

The website's homepage shows selected promotional stills from the 2011 produced film and original character profile scans for the newcomers that be Belle, Flynn, Den and Dart.
The trailer previewed at a convention is shown in it's entirety via it's own page section. Information for movie theatre screenings are available on a third page, building up to the late April release.

On the Downloads side which includes a specially made desktop wallpaper and a Steamies Vs. Diesels colouring page.

Finally is a merchandising page where images and descriptions of Diesel 10's Counterattack toys are presented.

デイ オブ ザ ディーゼル rolls into Japanese cinemas and theatres on April 28th 2012.

VISIT THE 'デイ オブ ザ ディーゼル' MINISITE

Thanks to PuffPuffThomasTV for the alert. 

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