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Friday, 20 January 2012

Covers and extension for 2012 'Thomas Story Time'

The renewed UK book series, Thomas Story Time has had it's front covers revealed for five new books.

The series which has replaced the Thomas Story Library collection, will instead for 2012 be increased from four to five titles.
Revealed back in October 2011, the original quartet have since been renamed, also by removing Thomas' name from the TV Series book titles.

Furthermore, the extra fifth member in the form of Bubble Trouble is based on the Season Thirteen episode, Slippy Sodor.
The description for Bubble Trouble reads; Thomas has an important special delivery for Mr Bubbles the clown. But does Thomas have what it takes to do the job well? 

The covers feature selected episode stills of Thomas alongside edited promotional shots all varying between the lineup.

The five new Thomas Story Time books all hit UK book shelves on April 2nd 2012.


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