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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Peep Peep Thomas showcases 2012 Wooden Railways

Peep Peep Thomas' Official YouTube Channel, peepthomas have published higher quality images of the upcoming Wooden Railway models due in 2012.

Their seventh YouTube video contains the revised shots which offer closer glimpses on the new stock.

Notabally, Flashback Victor is revealed in greater detail confirming Victor's distinctive yellow bodywork alongside a second photo showing him covered in grass and debris.
Beside the rest however, Blue Mountain Mystery stars Luke, Winston and Merrick have yet to recieve their Wooden Railway treatments as their 3D model visualizations are repeated.

Peep Peep Thomas have written up a comment over the shots in the video's description.
Maybe the first to show you what to expect from Thomas & Freinds Wooden Railways this year with proper high quality images, will post more when we can.

All these items and more will be available from Peep Peep Thomas - www.buythomasthetankengine.co.uk as soon as they are released.

The 2012 Wooden Railway lineup hit stores worldwide from January to July 2012.

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