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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ringo reminiscences over Thomas on 'Loose Women'

Former drummer of The Beatles and ex Narrator, Ringo Starr made a reappearance on daytime chatshow Loose Women.

Guesting on January 11th 2012's edition, Starr briefly got caught in talks over Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends by presenter, Lisa Maxwell.

Just after talking about his acting experiences, Maxwell then turned to the voice acting side; I loved you as The Fat Controller.
Ringo replied with; Oh, I'm sure you did. Maxwell continued; ...and Thomas, it's just, it's memories. Ringo who was in a cheerful mood joked; Yeah yeah, I was never The Fat Controller!

Maxwell finished off with; No, but you did. The voices for that were just mega... Ringo finally concluded by speaking over and uttering; Yeah yeah, I did.

Starr was on the ITV topical show to promote his sixteenth and newest album simply titled, Ringo 2012.


  1. Nice he still remembers the good old days odd his sixteenth and newest album and Thomas' 16th Series coming up I am youtube user 93DOL

  2. I thought he forgot about doing Thomas, with his musical career and all, but no, he still remembers delighting Thomas fans with his voice as the characters of the show. He is remembered as one of The Beatles and the voice of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

  3. CharlieTheFunEngine1412 January 2012 at 01:46

    I wonder what Maxwell was going to say. "The voices for that were just mega..." but Ringo, who sounds oddly evasive, cut her off like he didn't want to talk about it. Hmm...

  4. Hate that shows, the host are just loudmouthed sexists constantly putting down men.

    As for Ringo, I don't see the big fuss over him as Thomas narrator. Yes, he was the first, but he sounded as though he was telling bedtime stories most of the time rather than reading episode scripts.

  5. ^ That was the intention. :p At the time, that was the style Britt wanted to use and later hit revisited that style when they brought in pierce brosnan.

    1. Yep, and neither of them lasted very long because of it. What does that tell you? :P

    2. The bedtime tale style reading did suit the earlier episodes, though. I've often read comments comparing George Carlin's narration to a grandfather telling a story - and he lasted longer than Ringo and Pierce. (And no, I'm from the UK, so I'm not trying to make out was the best narrator ever. Angelis FTW :P)

    3. because they were probably busy with other projects. im sure they had more important things to do than narrate a childrens tv show. both of them are pretty active in acting an music.

  6. They were both pretty famous and got some more important roles offered them.