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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Exclusive: Hit gives greenlight on 'Best of' episodes

Hit Entertainment have confirmed the collection of episodes due to feature respectively on the upcoming Best of DVD releases for the UK.

In an email sent by SteamTeam and now exclusively revealed by Roll Along Thomas, the dedicated James and Percy titles both include a mixture of 20 episodes.

Here is a list of the episodes that will appear on the DVDs you have enquired about:
Best of Percy
Percy Runs Away
Ghost Train
Percy & Harold
Percy and the Signal
Percy's Predicament
A Scarf For Percy
Percy's Promise
Thomas, Percy & The Post Train
Percy's Chocolate Crunch
Percy's New Whistle
Percy's Big Mistake
Percy and the Oil Painting
Percy and the Funfair
Percy and the Left Luggage
Percy and the Bandstand
Percy's Parcel
Being Percy
Thomas' Crazy Day
Percy The Snowman
Percy's New Friends

Best of James
James and the Coaches
James and the Express
Old Iron
Buzz Buzz
No Joke For James
Percy, James & The Fruitful Day
Time For Trouble
James & The Trouble With Trees
James & The Red Balloon
James & The Queen Of Sodor
James Goes Too Far
James Gets A New Coat
Keeping Up With James
James The Second Best
James Works It Out
Tickled Pink
Steamy Sodor
James In The Dark
Toby & The Whistling Woods
James To The Rescue

Not part of Percy's collection is episodes from the Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Seasons while James is not involved in a Fourth Series show.

Prior to this, amazon.co.uk had revealed that both releases would contain the stocks of the Classic and the Present.

The Best of James and The Best of Percy will both hit UK DVD shelves on February 6th 2012.



  1. Why is Percy's New Friends on Best of Percy?!
    This is a Best episodes dvd, and Percy's New friends is far from it!!!!

  2. It would be great if these came out here. I really like the variety, and it would be nice to have James The Second Best on a US DVD.