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Friday, 15 June 2012

'Blue Mountain Mystery' minisite begins last decorations

The Blue Mountain Quarry homepage on the Thomas & Friends website has taken a lasting update in the lead up to the final unveilings a fortnight away.

Since a while back, a question mark tab under leading star, Thomas can be clicked on which directs the viewer to a printable page of a Quarry Maze activity.
While Luke's Engine Depot profile was published a day before, his activities are expected to surface when his game is playable. The countdown calendar now says; Play the Luke game in 16 days, and counting.
In between the above sign is open links to the trailer to the film and the end music video. The trail running at over 1 minute and 15 seconds, grants a montage of scenes from the special which promises visual treats to the fans.

Following this, the Blue Mountain Quarry song, striking over the 2 minute mark, chants all about the aforementioned location.

Veteran series music artist, Robert Hartshorne provides the instrumental whilst fellow proficient, Sam Blewitt, performs the track.



  1. Something i should point out over the US Trailer, the Engine Friends DVD changes its announcement to "Fall 2012" instead of September...

  2. People on You Tube uploaded the Trailer along with the Song. I think that is bad. How did they get the stuff before it was on the website?