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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Diesel and 'Blue Mountain' stars join new Take-n-Play's

Four of Sodor's residential engines are harking back each of their previous adventures for an uncommon Take-n-Play pack.

Diesel, Thomas, Percy and Victor serve as players in, Tales from the Past Engine Pack. The Toys R Us specialized make sees the quartet each covered in different messy states.
Though Victor's Flashback identification connects to the Blue Mountain Mystery, Thomas, Percy and Diesel's are not known to be related to earlier events in their lives.

From an alternative perception of Diesel, the devious engine has secured a place in becoming a Pull 'n Zoom! die-cast. Following Thomas, Percy, James and Gordon, Diesel is kept company with a gold and black oil tanker.

Take-n-Play Tales from the Past Engine Pack and Pull 'n Zoom Diesel from Fisher Price hit toy shelves worldwide now.


Thanks to TheDirtyTrain1 and SteamTeam for the alerts.

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