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Monday, 11 June 2012

Popular Season Sixteen episodes achieve book status

Two stories from the Sixteenth Series will recieve book tie-ins in America as one by January 2013.

The nostalgic and recommended to see 2012 episodes are to be publicated in a double pack for little readers.

Express Coming Through and Flash Bang Wallop! feature in the mini collection. While the latter is renamed, Go Go Thomas! in relation to the song, Express Coming Through! is given an additional exclamation mark at the end.
The blurb reads; With two exciting Thomas & Friends stories, loads of full-color photographs, and more than 50 train stickers, this deluxe storybook offers boys ages 3 to 7 hours of fun and adventure.

In Express Coming Through!, Thomas the Tank Engine is asked to pull a train that's way too heavy for him! What now?

In Go, Go, Thomas!, Thomas tries to appear in every photo of a book about Sodor's railroad, causing all sorts of trouble. Uh-oh!

Go Go Thomas!/Express Coming Through!: 2 Books in 1 on Paperback hits US book shelves on January 8th 2013.

Thanks to MrTrainfan1000 for the alert.

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  1. I thought you'd already reported this when it was first found along with all the other book :L