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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Traincellar announces 2013 Wooden Railway line

Online toy retailer and dedicated Thomas followers, The Traincellar have confirmed the Wooden Railway franchise for next year.

The 1998 internet established company enlisted the 2013 collection on a new tab entitled, Thomas by Fisher Price coming 2013.
The range of products reference characters, locations and tales from the model TV Series all the way up to the animated Sixteenth Season and the Blue Mountain Mystery.

The forthcoming Seventeenth Series, which is currently being developed by the likes of Andrew Brenner and Arc Productions, is not linked in the stock lists.

Engines such as Luke, Stafford and a Battery Operated Hiro are being introduced to the family alongside re-releases of old favourites, with Fergus, D199 and Flying Scotsman amongst others.

Thanks to Thomasfan for the alert.


  1. Wow. Some good stuff there. Peter Sam and the Dynamite Delivery seems interesting as does Percy's Musical Ride!

  2. Nice, a re-relese of Flying Scotsman! He'll be a sight for sore eyes

    1. Actually, the Flying Scotsman isn't going to look that bad at all. The black lines on his tenders are going to be white, and the fonts of the numbers and letters a smidgen different. His face is the same but there will by white stripes on his boiler and white semi circles above his drive wheels.

  3. D199 and Flying Scotsman having a re-release. I haven't bought wooden railway toys for years now, but I will be buying both them when they come out.